Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

socialSocial media marketing is an important tool for growing small businesses. Businesses such as Chantilly Tow Truck have grown exponentially thanks to social media. To use social media for business growth, you need to set up an effective social media marketing strategy which forms a basis for understanding the relationship between businesses a social media needs. Social media changes the way we communicate and do business.

More than 50 percent of small business owners in the US rely on social media as the main tool to advance their digital marketing efforts because of its effectiveness in finding new customers. It is much cheaper to use social media to promote your business, as compared to traditional methods of marketing. Here are important tips to put into practice, when looking forward to making use of social media for business promotion;

Have a plan

Just like any other business, you need a plan on how your social media actions and strategies will be implemented. You need to set social media goals and objectives as well as stipulating how to conduct social media audit. For accounts, you need to create new ones and work on improving the previous one’s tool. Create a social media calendar and research on places to find inspiration on the kind of content to share on social media. At all times, you need to test, evaluate and adjust your strategy.

Decide on the Right Platforms

yOUTUBENot all social media platforms will be suited for your business goals and objectives. You need to decide on the right platforms for you. Facebook is a leading channel with more than 2 billion users. Instagram claims to be a leader with its visual-centric approach with a huge appeal on its aesthetic content.

LinkedIn is a leader when it comes to social networking and showing your professionalism. Twitter is well known for its brevity with major success attributed to its 280 character limit. Snapchat is popular for its disappearing content while Pinterest is a leader for those looking forward to getting ideas on various topics. We can’t forget the power of YouTube in advancing content through videos.

Know your audience

You can’t plan your message if you don’t know who you will be speaking to. You need to determine the traits of your target audience which forms a crucial part of your market research. When you know your audience, you can then plan the type of message to pass to them. To determine your audience, you can do so by creating an audience personas for your customers. You can collect their geographic data, look for trends and turn the data you have into insightful information that can help you in crafting a strategy.

Promote your products

The main use of social media is to promote your products. Once you have the channels, the audience, and the message, you have to look for ways to introduce your products and services to your audience.  One key way you can implement this is through the use of Facebook advertising. You can determine which channel to use based on channel strength and how best it blends with your business. Incorporate images, videos, and graphics that can help promote your products.