How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

social mediaA social media marketing strategy defines a summary of everything you plan to do to achieve your social media goals. It is a strategy that guides your actions and lets you know if you are poised to success or failure. Every post, like or reply that you get serves a purpose. The execution of your strategy will be determined by its effectiveness. Do not make your plan so broad and ambitious as doing so will hinder its success chances.

If you are looking forward to coming up with a social media strategy, there are key steps you need to follow as outlined below.

Audit your present social media presence

Before you can strategize on what you need to do, take a quick look at your current state. Take a look at the networks you are currently active on, the areas you need to optimize, the networks that are bringing the most value, and how your profile compares in relation to your competitors.

Identify your target

You need to document who your ideal customer is. The aim of any marketing is to understand the customer as well as the products or services that best fit for them. You need to get as specific as possible. Understand that even the best marketers fail in identifying their target. To come up with a more targeted persona, you need to answer questions related to your customers’ age, location, job title, income, where they are found, among others.

Create a social media mission statement

MissionIdentify what makes you unique and stand out from the rest. Your social media mission statement will drive and dictate your future actions so you need to put in some keen thoughts. With this statement, you will clearly define how you plan to use your social media presence and will define your brand identity. When coming up with the statement, keep in mind your ideal customer.

Identify success metrics

Anything that you do, you must measure. How will you identify your social media marketing efforts if you cannot measure? The measurement we are talking about here is not just about gaining followers, but we are talking about making money. Key metrics you should consider include; conversion rate, time spent on the website, the reach, brand mentions, total shares, and sentiments among others.

Create engaging content

This one is a no-brainer. You need to curate and create engaging content. Many businesses jump straight to this point without following the other necessary steps. Before you can create content, you need to know who your ideal customers are, and where they are found. The content that you create should be in line with your mission statement. Create a broad range of content that covers the areas of images, videos, blog posts, company news, infographics, eBooks, and interviews among others.

Track, Analyze and Optimize

You need to torture your data long enough to confess to anything you want. Tracking, analyzing and optimizing can be the most important step when it comes to achieving success in your social media strategy. Even the very best social media marketers sometimes rely on trial and error. You need to capture all vital data, analyze it and come up with key conclusions.



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